Family Life

                     St. Pius X Family Life Activities

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Domestic Church

 The St. Pius X Domestic Church is a program that assists 

 married couples in living out their sacramental call to be

 a domestic church in their family.  We offer retreats for the

 couple, family retreats, and small groups (circles) in which

 couples receive accountability, support and faith formation

 from other couples and a parish priest. Please click on this

link to find out how you can join a circle or attend a retreat within our parish.


Faith & Families

Faith and Families is an opportunity for the parish family to

 come together, share a meal and celerbrate our faith in inter-

 generational or age-specific sessions.  We meet quarterly

at 6pm (after the 5pm mass) for dinner, a faith lesson

geared toward specific age groups (from infants through adults),

and returning together for dessert to share our experiences with each other.  All

family sizes and shapes are welcome, as we are all part of our parish family.

Our next Faith & Families will be Sunday, November 27: Journeying through Advent with Mary & Joseph.


Children's Church

Children's Church is a ministry to our three to six year olds

during the 10:30am mass on Sunday mornings.  Children are

called and blessed by the priest at the mass and then sent 

with teachers to learn about the gospel in age appropriate ways.  Parents may

pick up their children after mass from the multi-purpose room.  Since this is a

drop-in ministry, no registration is necessary - just bring your children with

you to mass on Sunday morning!  Children's Church allows for parents to be

able to be ministered to through mass as they are able to enter into the

sacrament without toddlers underfoot!


Single Parent Families

  Being a single parent is never easy, whether one is single

  through illness, death, divorce or separation.  At St. Pius,

  we strive to encourage and assist single parents as your 

  needs arise.  We want all parents to know that this your 

  spiritual home and we are their family.  We are here to help,

  whether your need is spiritual or phyiscal.  Since each situation

is different, needs are different and are addressed individually, from assistance with

healing from divorce, healing as a widow or widower, assistance through the annull-

ment process, parenting advice, etc.    Please click on this link to be added to the single

parent email list or to express your specific need and someone will be in touch!


Year of Mercy for the Whole Family

 At St. Pius, we have attempted to support whole families throughout

 this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  We have a table in the front of church

that has resources for adults and children for the Year of Mercy. 

We are closing the Year of Mercy with a Christ the King Eucharistic Procession after the

10:30am mass on Sunday, November 20!


Vocation Chalice

 Receiving the Vocation Chalice is a great way for your family to begin

 to pray together - or continue if you already do!  The Vocation Chalice

 is given out weekly at any mass and families are asked to place it on

 your family table and pray together daily for in increase in vocations for

 that week.  God is calling many young people to religious vocations and

 we want to pray that the young people of our parish and their parents

 hear the call and respond!  Please click on this link to sign your family up

to receive the Vocation Chalice!


Natural Family Planning

 Natural Family Planning is a scientific, natural and moral method

 of family planning that can help married couples either achieve or

 postpone pregnancy.  NFP methods are based on the observations

 of the naturally occuring signs and symptoms of the fertile and

 infertile phases of a woman's cycle. This is not your parents rythym 

 method!  Since the methods of NFP respect the love-giving (unitive) and life-giving (procreative)

nature of the conjugal act, the support God's design for married love! Click on the words for more

information about upcoming NFP classes and support in our area.